Mirror, mirror on the wall

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a fairytale in which we can find many metaphoric parallels with real life. And one of its most famous sentences holds a strong one. It begins with: »Mirror, mirror on the wall…«. The Queen is looking for the confirmation that she is the most beautiful one. But the mirror  always serves her the truth. Even  if she does not want to hear it or accept it. Continue reading “Mirror, mirror on the wall”

Let’s dance like bees

I love spring. Observing how nature has these magnificent ways of waking up and bursting into life is stunning! And inspirational in so many ways.

The other day bees were the ones who got my attention. I had a chat with a good friend the day before about our naughty minds. Naughty in way that the mind is always the one complicating while our heart (and womb) know exactly what is the best for us. Continue reading “Let’s dance like bees”

It all started with a pimple – she is here!

Eventhough I was not sure yet if that was for real, I let it happen. And suddenly the process got stronger. Two contractions later I felt that was it. There was no way back and our Storm Girl was coming!

I felt strong, I felt ready and I was so excited to meet this brave girl! What we went through in the month before was so encouraging that I was sure that she would come in the most beautiful way. And she did. Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – she is here!”