I listen

Last week I decided to take my girls to the seaside on Friday morning. I was excited about the plan and was really looking forward to it.

But when the morning came I didn’t feel that anymore. Even the thought of putting the stroller in the car, packing the snacks, clothes and toys made me tired. So I followed that instinct, drove Ajda to kindergarten and came home.

At that point I realised that my period came back. After 555 days (according to my phone app)!  I was waiting for it, expecting it and inviting it back! Continue reading “I listen”


We are all familiar with pictures like this:


Heart wants one thing and brain wants the other one. To be honest – we usually smile as it is true and we continue scrolling. No deeper thoughts, no moment to realise if we are caught in a situation like this right now. Continue reading “ETERNAL BATTLE”


I am writing this in a very spiritless mood. Cranky and tired.

But, hey, this is real life. We all know this, we all have days like that. Men, women, kids – sometimes days, sometimes just moments. And due to our extreme hormone level changes on the physical level, women sense these moods intensely. And for sure at least few days a month. We are familiar with the term premenstrual syndrome (PMS), right? Continue reading “PMS ALERT”


I know it’s not yet a real season for strawberries, but I admit – they tempted me so much in the store that I bought them. And guess what – they were good but not delicious. Probably treated with a lot of chemicals and transported from who knows where in unknown conditions. I knew that before and took that into account. Continue reading “Strawberries”