Here’s the thing. We are on vacation and I have PMS. A strong one that doesn’t go really well with my girls adapting to the new environment.

So far my day looked like this – in the middle of the night Ajda woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep. So my husband went to her bed and she came to me and Tamara. I was »sleeping« while taking care that none of them falls out of bed. Continue reading “PMS-ing MOM ON VACATION”


There was a strong storm few days ago. I was scared and amazed at the same time. The power of the Nature really is magnificent. It has a glorious way of trying to wake up our awareness about the relationship to our Mother Earth. We have slept long enough.

In a moment of a strong and loud thunder I realised that I am afraid of its power. I am afraid of changes, possible damage, of the potential transformation waiting just around the corner. And questions started rising within me. Continue reading “WAKE UP CALL”


The interesting thing about writing a blog is that I follow myself, my personal growth.  I can see the drafts for posts that were not published (yet). And what I thought at that moment was a great post (but had no courage to post it – really!) is now something I don’t feel in that way anymore.

One thing happened that had a significant impact on that – I got my period back after giving birth to my second daughter.  I can feel that change in a very powerful way. Like Sleeping Beauty getting up after her 100 years of sleep! Continue reading “I’M UP!”