I am writing this in a very spiritless mood. Cranky and tired.

But, hey, this is real life. We all know this, we all have days like that. Men, women, kids – sometimes days, sometimes just moments. And due to our extreme hormone level changes on the physical level, women sense these moods intensely. And for sure at least few days a month. We are familiar with the term premenstrual syndrome (PMS), right?

The phase in our cycle that all dread – women, our partners, kids. Even our co-workers can usually tell when that time comes. Read that again – this is the phase in our cycle that we all dread. And with that attitude we already expect it to be awful, cranky, full of mood swings.

But here’s a catch. Do you think that there might be any positive aspect of it? That it might be here for us, with purpose?

 I feel it as a reminder. To slow down, to make a quick chat with my body and ask it what I need. Usually I get answers like rest, walk in nature, a good book or a movie, cuddling. Or I get a creative impulse –  writing this post is one of them. And I go by it as much as I can.

If I am alone with my two little energy bombs it often ends with walk in the nature. And when I make a quick chat with my body (which is in the seconds of alone time at the toilet before Ajda storms in with Tamara crawling behind her) I decide that this walk is for me. With this decision I go out, breathe in fresh air and it makes a change.

Thanks to my very understanding husband things are easier to deal with when he is around. I get half an hour, sometimes an hour for me. He takes the girls and I know that this is time to do what feels best. Half an hour isn’t much but I tell you, it works wonders! Day after it is much different than the morning before. It doesn’t mean that I am filled up with energy, but it is easier to process things that would be otherwise triggers for burstouts or some really grumpy looks. Better than nothing, right?

So, a little exercise for you. When you feel like that (man or woman) take a moment and feel what you need. Then do it. Can you sense the difference?