We are all familiar with pictures like this:

Heart wants one thing and brain wants the other one. To be honest – we usually smile as it is true and we continue scrolling. No deeper thoughts, no moment to realise if we are caught in a situation like this right now.

What would happen if we would take a picture like this more seriously? If we would take a minute for a quick chek up of our life, current decisions and emotinal state? Who would win? Heart or brain? Intuition or our mind? We can call it an eternal battle, right?

To me this is a challenge. Up until recently my mind was the winner. And the heart was a big fat loser sitting in the corner. I can recall important decisions that I made based on facts not on my intuition which was showing me completley other direction. One of them was my studies. I was sure for a long time that I would study Special and Rehabilitation Pedagogics. But in the last two months when decision had to be made, my mind wanted to go studying something with »safer« jobs with better payment and employment options. So I decided for Laboratory Biomedicine.

Which I liked but it just wasn’t that my thing, it didn’t feel right. So almost 10 years later I am on a point in my life where I am turning back to my heart. And here is a little secret – on my way here I found out that there is a womb intuition coming into this equation too! I am actually learning back that my intuition, my womb and heart, are the ones that should make the decision. And on the other hand my mind is here to take care of technicalities.

When I say learning this really is a process. It is much easier said than done. Sometimes I feel like a sailboat with crew that does not get along. A part of it would open up the sails, go with the wind and sea, enjoy the ride fully and just take care of these little detailes that the sailboat stays in the flow, going to the unknown but for sure beautiful places. But the other part of the crew would ignore the wind and sea, run the motor and head back to a certain destination just because they know it. The motor would work hard, consume a lot of oil and go against the flow as this decision feels safer.

When reading this we can all see the picture of us sailing and not going against the flow, right? But, man, so many times we are doing just the opposite! And when I think of those 10 years which could resonate with my motor consuming so much oil and working hard, I don’t do that. I decided that for me there are no wrong decisions. Sometimes my mind wins, sometimes my intuition. And  my »missed« decisions can make a great grounding for the ones that are in my flow. I gained so much knowledge and experience on a variety of areas in those 10 years! And with that understanding I can add a very important value to things waiting for me in those unknown beautiful places.

Realigning with the flow. April 2018.

I believe you know that by now – the key to magic in your life is you. I believe that the keys to our beautiful destinations are hidden in our intuition. But our mind gives us keys to harbours on the way. And guess what? When you find yourself in a harbour, take a rest in this safe place, realign yourself and then head back into the wind with this new energy .