Hello, World!

That’s it.

Blog was on my mind for a long time but it just didn’t happen. Still – here I am now. Another blog on the scene 🙂
Why? Because I believe that I have some valuable things to share. It’s up to you if you take them for yourself or not. My intention is to share me – to share what I feel and when I feel to share that. No timelines 🙂

My posts will reach out to you from perspective of mom of two beautiful daughters. I started uncovering my treasures and magical feminine energy after having them. Right now I am juggling between being a woman, wife and mom, while growing into an entrepreneur. With four different women inside me who come out during the month. While learning and growing, one thing is becoming my truth – I am the one holding the key to magic in my life. And that is the thing I wanna share with you.

Do not be scared of this if you are a man – curiosity never hurt anybody 🙂

So, are you ready?

Welcome on this journey with me! And don’t forget – The key to magic in your life is you!


P.S.: Things will be written from my personal view. Please respect that but still have in mind that I am opened for different opinions.

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