The interesting thing about writing a blog is that I follow myself, my personal growth.  I can see the drafts for posts that were not published (yet). And what I thought at that moment was a great post (but had no courage to post it – really!) is now something I don’t feel in that way anymore.

One thing happened that had a significant impact on that – I got my period back after giving birth to my second daughter.  I can feel that change in a very powerful way. Like Sleeping Beauty getting up after her 100 years of sleep!

Well, I won’t talk about the needle that put my period to sleep.  It was still a special time of being pregnant and welcoming a new family member.

But I realised that there are many needles that can put our Inner Being or even some (very important) parts of it to sleep. That take away our courage, trust, will to move forward.

These can be small needles like feeling down, physical pain, kids having a bad day (that can be a really tough one!), being hurt “by the way” from someone close etc. They pinch for a day or two but you wake up with a new experience that you can incorporate into your life’s mosaic.

But on the other hand there are things that can put us to sleep for many days, even months or years.  Divorce, chronical illness, stress at work, death of someone close to us, accidents with serious consequences. And many more. Needles like that are hard and sometimes we wish that they would actually put us to sleep.

Even worse thing that happens is that we are physically awake but our Inner Being is numb. And somewhere on the way we realise that we can’t feel it anymore. We lost ourselves. There is no prince in sight to wake us up with a kiss.

I admit. Sometimes I am waiting for the prince to come. In form of winning a lottery jackpot, a notice that my chronic illness (that I am actually living with) is cured, a confirmation that all will work out. But the kiss just doesn’t come and I realise that I am the one in need of making the first step. That I have to wake up by myself. Or my body does it for me. I really feel that living in cooperation with my menstrual cycle is like a wake up kiss.

So I am up, following my Inner Being and its (womb) wisdom. Which can be challenging. Very much. And getting the best coffee (support system) to keep me awake is a no-brainer.

How about your needles? Are you up? Do you need coffee?