There was a strong storm few days ago. I was scared and amazed at the same time. The power of the Nature really is magnificent. It has a glorious way of trying to wake up our awareness about the relationship to our Mother Earth. We have slept long enough.

In a moment of a strong and loud thunder I realised that I am afraid of its power. I am afraid of changes, possible damage, of the potential transformation waiting just around the corner. And questions started rising within me.

Am I really afraid of the storm? Maybe I am actually afraid of the same power lying within me? Am I afraid that things will change? Am I afraid that the transformation can happen and there is possible damage hidden within it?

Of course I am! A strong storm with a loud thunder can wake up the Sleeping Beauty within me. Maybe just some parts, maybe the whole package. It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t even matter for how long this Sleeping Beauty has been asleep. Maybe for years, maybe months or even just a few days. Once she is up, the transformation begins.

Listening to another thunder didn’t make me feel less scared. It is okay for me to be scared. It’s not a feeling to be ashamed of. It’s a feeling that can guide me to get some help, some support when the storm is howling around me. Or within me. My husband’s warm and strong hug does the trick in both cases. And my mind is writing to let out all the ballast keeping me asleep.

Then – the magnificent and glorious part comes forward. The Sleeping Beauty is taking over the Castle again. The Magic Box is opened.