Here’s the thing. We are on vacation and I have PMS. A strong one that doesn’t go really well with my girls adapting to the new environment.

So far my day looked like this – in the middle of the night Ajda woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep. So my husband went to her bed and she came to me and Tamara. I was »sleeping« while taking care that none of them falls out of bed.

We survived the night and went to the beach. I was really looking forward to swimming. Alone. My dreams were half an hour a day, my reality check before seaside was 15 minutes a day. What happened? I went swimming. Twice. Alone. For three minutes each time in company of wild screams of both daughters. Of course I turned around and came back.

Then my husband went swimming. No fuss. At all. Not fair!!!

Honestly, I didn’t handle all of that calmly and with understanding that Ajda really needs time to adjust to changes and that Tamara is in her era of crying when I am not 5 meters within her reach (which is actually completley normal for her age). There was a battle within me with PMS on one side who could scream at everyone and my rational mind on the other who tried to calm down the situation.

So, I remembered the Sleeping Beauty. There was no Princ Charming to wake me up with a kiss so I took things in my own hands, decided it is time that I connect with my Womb Wisdom and wake up the PMS understanding part.

And the change is stunning! I went from: »Why can’t I go to the toilet without listening girls crying? Why does she have to breastfeed all day long? Why aren’t they asleep yet?« to »It feels great to know that they trust me. It feels great to know that they feel safe to express their feeligs around me. It feels great when she stops crying the same moment she comes to my lap.«

That didn’t make PMS go away. But it made it easier to get through the day. Mission accomplished.