Few days ago I watched a video about “The Pink Tax”. I have not heard of it before but it shocked me. A lot.  Women all over the world pay more than men for same products (deodorants, razorblades, clothes etc.). Not to mention our intimate hygiene which demands the best possible, natural but yet pricy care.

When thinking about it there was one thing that struck me even harder – we are not paying our “Pink Tax” only in money. Our feminine energy in this masculine driven society pays even a bigger tax.

We are amazing. In the same way that we are capable of carrying a child and give birth, we are capable of carrying ideas, projects and make them come true. In order to do that we do need some strengths of masculine energy such as focus.

But here is the challenge – seeking the balance between the natural flow of ideas and between the strict focus with measurable effects. The challenge itself is hard but it gets even harder in a society where masculine approach is appreciated more. We learn quickly. We know how to “compete” with our men co-workers and we can be incredible at doing “their” jobs.

And that is where our feminine energy pays a big tax. Burnout, divorce, distant relationship with children, illness. A tax much bigger than any money, right?

Does that mean that we have to stop pursuing our careers and be “stay at home moms”? No. But we do have to learn how to take care of our feminine part. We have to learn again how to caress our bodies, live passionately and listen to wisdom integrated within us.  Without the energy part of the tax.

I do have some tricks how to do that. How about you? Do you have them too?