Sleeping with kids

What sleeping with kids is teaching me?
Currently the little one is still sleeping with us and the oldest one has her own bed in her own room. But when she wakes up scared in the middle of the night, she comes to our bed too.
And the situation is on the photo below, the little one hidden in the dark but directly next to me and the older one ont other side. Taking all the space around possible.

Mom sandwich 🙂
For me that means that there is no way to turn around or sometimes even make a slithest move in order not to wake them up.
What occured to me is that they always find their way to what they need in a particular moment. Sometimes they need to feel safe and are as close to me as possible. And sometimes their legs and arms are all over the bed, taking all the space they need to sleep well.
They sleep but even if they wake up, they never think:”Hmmm, does Mom and Dad have enough space to sleep? Maybe I should shrink a little.”
Oh, no no no. They take ALL the space they need to feel good!!
To me that translates easily to other situations in life where I shrink and don’t dare to turn around. When I am afraid to wake up so many other people and get some attention. When I am jelous of how easy kids take what they need and enjoy in it.
But it is a privilege observing it and taking these reminders to search for this lightness within me. The brave part is expressing it to the world.
And how do you sleep? Dare you turn around? 🙂