Why I don’t use hormonal contraception

From today’s society perspective I am probably a bit weird. I decided to give birth twice with no medical painkiller methods (and had two beautiful, empowering experiences with no regrets). Furthermore, I am not using hormonal contraception which is now widely used and is believed to be the best form of contraception.

Writing about this topic is very personal. And yet I find it important enough to share it. Why? Because I believe that our body knows best and to interfere its natural cycles can cause damage on many levels. Let me explain how I see this.

The hormonal system that leads our menstrual cycle is very precise and complex. Every single step of it has its function on physical and emotional level. Using hormonal contraception means that there can be less ups and downs, it can all fall into a flat line. Which means less emotional outbreaks, less dealing with drama. And yes, also less contact with your body, its desires, feminine energy, your authenticity, creativity. Not so good, right?

On the other hand using hormonal contraception can reinforce the mood swings and make it all even harder and stressful. Not to mention that you have to remember every single day to take the pill or expose your soft, gentle tissue in your vagina or womb to high doses of synthetic hormones. That means that hormonal contraception interferes with our natural physical and emotional cycle. The tissue responds to different concentratios of hormones and behaves differently. The contact with our genuine emotions is limited.

Contraceptive pills (https://pixabay.com).

I’ve tried hormonal contraception. For a very short period of time as I felt disconnected, weird, PMS-ing all the time.  I decided that it is not for me.

I choose not to expose my body to harmful side effects of hormonal contraception (did you ever read the list?). I choose not to expose nature to synthetic hormones and change its natural cycle also by excreting these hormones to the toilet. I choose other contraception options that are not harmful to my (or my husband’s) body and also reliable. I choose to have control over my body and be in contact with it.

Did you know that the phase of menstruation is there for us so that our body can rest? That we can process the month we lived before it? Did you know that the phase after the bleeding is great for making plans, exploring possibilities and then a bit later there is time to bring all of that to reality in our active phase? Did you know that there comes a phase when our creativity comes out in its full swing?

Following and living with our cycle can support and empower our lives on all levels. A business woman can plan to create new ideas in creative phase, make a plan and than put ideas into reality in her active phase. With much less struggle. A mom can run with her kids in the active phase and organize some baking hours in the creative one. The list is endless.

Time with your kids can be even better (https://pixabay.com).

Since I am more aware of my cycle it is easier for me to feel what I need, what I want and to communicate that with my husband and girls. It is challenging and sometimes it would be easier to live in ignorance. But the benefits exceed that.

With this I would just like to encourage you to take time and explore what you choose for yourself, your life, your body and why.  If you choose hormonal contraception, do. If you don’t, then don’t. But please, consider all aspects of it.