It all started with a pimple – part 1

Birth stories are private, are stories about sacred things happening in sacred environments. They are powerful and transformative. Story of how our Storm Girl was born has a strong message of TRUST – trust in myself, trust in mother-child connection and trust which is in our relationship on much deeper level that we were aware of. And I would like to share that with you.

Beginning of August 2017

I was 36 weeks pregnant with due date on 29th of August.  And the birth story of our Storm Girl actually started with a pimple. Yes, a simple pimple on my chin. Of course I scratched it off like all pimples before.

Everything was normal until my chin and the part under it was all swelled up. I was sure that these are just my lymph nodes as Dejan had a cold at that time and I didn’t make a big deal about it.

But two days went by, nothing got better and I scheduled an appointment with my personal doctor. She didn’t see anything suspicious and we both agreed that it is not necessary for me to get antibiotics and that if needed I can come on a check up appointment. I was glad about that decision as I really didn’t want any drugs this late in my pregnancy.

But then came the first horrible night . It all started with strong pain due to which I couldn’t open my mouth. The pain then spread all over and I had a terrible headache and couldn’t sleep all night.  I tried to ease the pain with cold compresses but nothing helped.

August 5th, 2017

In the morning we had breakfast and none of us could eat much – I couldn’t properly open my mouth and Dejan’s throat was sore and were just making jokes about that.  As it was Saturday I had a plan to go to Breastfeeding Festival with my oldest daughter Ajda to meet some friends. But it turned out that I had no energy, headache was so strong that I could barely have my eyes opened and we went to the ER instead…

To be continued 🙂




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