Draga luna, lahko noč is a magical fairytale, written for my oldest daughter Ajda. In the story Ajda is observing the Moon every night. She notices that the Moon is changing – sometimes it is full and bright and sometimes it is gone, it hides. And she notices that her moods are changing too – one day she would like to dance all around and on the other one she would just like to read and be alone.

Illustrated by Mojca Fo

In that way the fairytale is a great tool to talk to kids about our moods – that it is completley normal that they change and having different mood days with no special reason is ok.

On the deeper level the fairytale is also written for women. It is inspired by our amazing tool – menstrual cycle. It encourages women to observe themselves during different phases of it and acknowledge how they feel, what they want and follow their intuition. Knowing and respecting that the quality of life is getting better. Not just for the woman but also for the partner (the victim of PMS, right?) and whole family.

Illustrated by Mojca Fo

For now the fairytale is published in Slovene. But if there will be enough interest for publishing it in English we will make it happen! You can reach to me about that via Facebook, Instagram or email:

There is also a short clip about the fairytale (in Slovene) here.

And you can get your magical copy of it here.