I am writing this in a very spiritless mood. Cranky and tired.

But, hey, this is real life. We all know this, we all have days like that. Men, women, kids – sometimes days, sometimes just moments. And due to our extreme hormone level changes on the physical level, women sense these moods intensely. And for sure at least few days a month. We are familiar with the term premenstrual syndrome (PMS), right? Continue reading “PMS ALERT”


I know it’s not yet a real season for strawberries, but I admit – they tempted me so much in the store that I bought them. And guess what – they were good but not delicious. Probably treated with a lot of chemicals and transported from who knows where in unknown conditions. I knew that before and took that into account. Continue reading “Strawberries”

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a fairytale in which we can find many metaphoric parallels with real life. And one of its most famous sentences holds a strong one. It begins with: »Mirror, mirror on the wall…«. The Queen is looking for the confirmation that she is the most beautiful one. But the mirror  always serves her the truth. Even  if she does not want to hear it or accept it. Continue reading “Mirror, mirror on the wall”

Let’s dance like bees

I love spring. Observing how nature has these magnificent ways of waking up and bursting into life is stunning! And inspirational in so many ways.

The other day bees were the ones who got my attention. I had a chat with a good friend the day before about our naughty minds. Naughty in way that the mind is always the one complicating while our heart (and womb) know exactly what is the best for us. Continue reading “Let’s dance like bees”

It all started with a pimple – she is here!

Eventhough I was not sure yet if that was for real, I let it happen. And suddenly the process got stronger. Two contractions later I felt that was it. There was no way back and our Storm Girl was coming!

I felt strong, I felt ready and I was so excited to meet this brave girl! What we went through in the month before was so encouraging that I was sure that she would come in the most beautiful way. And she did. Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – she is here!”

It all started with a pimple – part 6

August 10th, 2017

It has been a week since my unfortunate pimple. At that point I was at Jesenice maternity ward and absolutley sure that there was nothing else that could go wrong.

They were daily checking my blood to see if the inflammation markers were decreasing – they were and that was great! Then they decided to check my urine also. And the gynaecologist came to me worried as the protein level was really high. This is one of the signs of pregnancy complication called preeclampsia. And high levels like that meant only one thing – that inducing the labour is neccessary. Like really as soon as possible. Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – part 6”

It all started with a pimple – part 5

We came to Jesenice, explained the situation and of course they were surprised. Especially as it was soon time for me to get another IV antibiotic dose – that meant there was just a short period of time to decide how to proceed.  But the gynaecologist did her best and started dealing with the situation. The way their staff treated us was on a whole new level and I felt safe. Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – part 5”

It all started with a pimple – part 4

I was in the hall lost in my own thoughts for over an hour. I felt trapped and my body physically hurt from anger and anxiety. I was really angry at the arogant gynaecologist since I felt that she wanted to scare me in order not to fight her decision.

And I was angry at myself – at the lack of ability to stand up for me and my baby.  What will I do if they decide to induce the labour right now? What can I do? During pregnancy Dejan and I were visiting wonderful class of birth preparation and had our chosen doula Nina. And I knew that I have a choice – but how to make a decision with no relevant information?  Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – part 4”