It all started with a pimple – part 3

It turned out that the doctor is one of the best in his field. Only by touching he knew that the absces is present and that the surgery is necessary. He was clear in explaining me why it is necessary, the process of the operation and that he will make it as short as possible because of the anaesthesia. At that point I felt that there is no other way and it is the right thing to do. Luckily I didn’t eat that day and surgery was about to happen as soon as possible. Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – part 3”

It all started with a pimple – part 2

…We came to the ER and didn’t wait for a long time. After examination they were not sure if I have an absces or not and directed me urgently to Clinic for otorhinolaryngology and cervicofacial surgery (in further text ORL clinic). After close examination they decided to do an ultrasound of the swelling. The physical contact hurt really bad and I just couldn’t wait for it to be over. It turned out that at the time there was no absces which was great news. Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – part 2”

It all started with a pimple – part 1

Birth stories are private, are stories about sacred things happening in sacred environments. They are powerful and transformative. Story of how our Storm Girl was born has a strong message of TRUST – trust in myself, trust in mother-child connection and trust which is in our relationship on much deeper level that we were aware of. And I would like to share that with you. Continue reading “It all started with a pimple – part 1”

Hello, World!

That’s it.

Blog was on my mind for a long time but it just didn’t happen. Still – here I am now. Another blog on the scene 🙂
Why? Because I believe that I have some valuable things to share. It’s up to you if you take them for yourself or not. My intention is to share me – to share what I feel and when I feel to share that. No timelines 🙂 Continue reading “Hello, World!”